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TaeNy moments { 2009 - 2014 }

do you follow oniontaker? he knows shit
━ Anonymous

No, I don’t. For me there’s no good reason to follow him at all.

wait its that 4 member girl group youre talking about? sigh* i don't like sm i hope f(x) doesn't get neglected and i will always support both them and snsd. i don't think im too interested if its that sm rookie thing ur talkin ebout
━ Anonymous

Yeap, it is. I’m not interested either..

Are u serious about the 'new gg' thing? I dont think anyone can replace SNSD ever! Yeah btw, just wanna let u know, some people are just plain stupid.u and your blog is AWESOME! ^_^
━ Anonymous

Thank you. ^^

(´Д`) tiffany why